Mindset Download FAQS

As you listen to Mindset recordings, it is only natural for you to become curious about their positive effect, especially if you have not experienced the therapeutic through clinical hypnosis before. Clinical hypnosis has a proven, long and effective history of bringing positive and beneficial change into people’s lives.

Absolutely not.

The most commonly asked question about hypnosis is: “Will I act like a chicken?”

While most of us have been exposed to the entertainment of stage hypnosis, or even know of someone who took part in or witnessed a stage show, these experiences are far removed from hypnosis applied for a therapeutic result.

Clinical hypnosis is a gentle experience. Your body becomes very relaxed while your mind remains very focused. The process of clinical hypnotherapy allows you to bypass thoughts and impulses that no longer serve you and replace them with new and healthy patterns of behaviour. It is very much like deleting old files on a computer and replacing them with new and more helpful ones.

When hypnosis is applied for a therapeutic result, the most frequent reaction is relief at just how simple and effective the process actually is. This is especially the case where change has been needed to shift long-standing ways of unwanted behaviour and will power alone just hasn’t been enough.

Clinical hypnosis is a well recognised therapy that can help you address personal issues in a powerful yet gentle way. The process is safe and you are always in control.

There is no particular way that you ‘should’ listen, and there is nothing that you need to ‘try’ to do. Just allow yourself to listen to what is being said on each recording.  Allow yourself to comfortably unwind and let your mind drift. Even if completely unrelated thoughts come into your mind, they will not affect the outcome. We are all unique in how we arrive at that state where our subconscious mind processes information and gains resolution. All you need to do is find a place that is safe, comfortable and secure for you. Once you have settled yourself, make sure your arms and legs are in an uncrossed position. Make sure you are away from any and all disturbances, distractions or interruptions. This is your time to relax and completely unwind.

Yes absolutely.

Mindset hypnosis recordings are designed to be played when you will not be disturbed and preferably at night when you are about to go to sleep. It is perfectly normal for you to fall asleep while listening to any Mindset recording. They are designed to retrain your brain to provide new and more satisfying results in your life.

Your subconscious mind is more powerful than you can imagine, and you will hear every helpful suggestion spoken, whether you are deeply relaxed or deeply asleep. All the information is absorbed into your subconscious mind while you are in this relaxed and receptive state.

Your subconscious mind will quietly take on board all suggestions for positive change, reinforcing and leading the way for you to attract what you desire.

A common misconception is that somehow you are not in control when you are deeply relaxed and listening to any hypnosis recording. This is not the case. When you are in this deeply relaxed state you are completely in control. Your mind is actually more highly alert. If for any reason at all, you needed to open your eyes during any recording and become wide awake feeling calm and refreshed, you will easily be able to do so, automatically and with full awareness.

Hypnosis resembles the state you are in as you enter sleep: you are not fully asleep but you are not fully awake either, just very deeply relaxed. Your mind will only accept any suggestions you wish to accept. For example: if you wish to break free from the past and become stress free, your subconscious mind will readily accept any suggestions to do so. You can also remain calm in the knowledge that your subconscious mind will not accept any suggestion on any part of any recording that is contrary to your personal, ethical or religious beliefs.

You can listen to our recordings as often as you like as they will always be of benefit to you. You must not use them however, while you are driving a vehicle, operating any heavy machinery or performing any task where your full attention is required.

There is no limit on how many times you should listen in a day. If you awaken in the night and can’t get back to sleep, then this is an ideal time to play your recording of choice. Choose whichever recording you feel drawn to, and you will experience the benefits this brings.

Mindset programs are powerful tools to help you bring about positive change. They are however, not a substitution for any medical advice or medication and are for personal use only. If in any doubt at all, we recommend you talk to your medical practitioner and ask their advice before proceeding with any Mindset program.