Welcome to a new Mindset

As a Psychotherapist I’ve seen many people struggle trying to create change on their own.  That’s why I founded Mind over Matter and created Mindset recordings.

We are here to help you end that struggle.

Mindset recordings are available as Guided Hypnosis downloads, Mindfulness downloads and Relaxation Coaching downloads.

Mindset Downloads

All change is created at the subconscious level.  Mindset downloads work by supercharging the subconscious brain with new and positive ideals. Your subconscious mind controls 95% of what you do.  A Mindset download reprograms your subconscious thinking for the best outcome.

It also ends the struggle between what your conscious mind wants and what your subconscious mind drives you to do.

Mindset for You

Mindset recordings produce highly positive results with my clients on an everyday basis. You can now experience this and more in the comfort of your own home.

How to use Mindset Hypnosis Recordings

You play Mindset hypnosis recordings when you won’t be disturbed. Use preferably at night when you’re about to go to sleep.  They’re actually ‘sleep talk’ recordings, designed to put you into a deep and restful state of mind.  When you rest deeply, your mind naturally accepts suggestions for positive change.

When you sleep, all of this helpful information will go straight into your subconscious mind. You will experience resolution.

Want to experience what a Mindset Recording is like?

Mindset Samples – Click here

Mindset Downloads

Rewire your brain for success!

Every Mindset download includes an introduction about the recording, how to use the recording and a guided subconscious change session.  You can also download a PDF on how and when to use your recordings.