Welcome to a new Mindset

As a Psychotherapist I’ve seen many people struggle trying to create change on their own.  That’s why I founded Mind over Matter and created Mindset recordings.

We are here to help you end that struggle.

Mindset recordings are available as Guided Hypnosis downloads, Mindfulness downloads and Relaxation Coaching downloads.

Mindfulness Downloads

Mindfulness recordings have been designed to guide you in your everyday mindfulness practice. They not only guide you but keep you on track.

These recordings are the same ones I use with clients at my practice and in my classes.  They are:  Morning Meditation, Evening Meditation and Body Scan.

How to use Mindfulness Downloads

To obtain the best results, listen daily.  You can listen to your Morning and Evening Meditation sitting quietly or moving about your morning or evening routine.

For the Body Scan Meditation, you will need to lie down or sit where you will not be disturbed.  This recording can be used anytime you like.  You might like to use it when you want to take a break or as a transition from work to home.

Want to experience what a Mindset Recording is like?

Mindset Samples – Click here

Mindset Downloads

Rewire your brain for success!