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Jeanette Buzolic
Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Educator
BA. Behavioural Science. Psychology & Psychotherapy
Grad. Dip. Business. IR – Human Resources
Dip. Clinical Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy & Counselling
Member of the Australian Counselling Association

Therapeutic Approaches:

Counselling | Psychotherapy | Clinical Hypnotherapy
EMDR | Resource Therapy | CBT | ACT | MBSR | EFT | Mindfulness

Therapy and Wellbeing Services

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Imagine a life where you are in control of what you feel, think, do and say. Together, we can make this happen. As a therapist with over 39 years of experience, I can help you improve your state of mind with counselling, therapy and wellbeing services at affordable price points either at my practice or online. Telephone consultations are also available.

I am committed to helping you achieve positive and lasting results by using a range of psychological and coaching approaches to help you create a strong foundation for healing and growth. Clients typically report feeling better from their very first session. I have helped countless individuals achieve improved life satisfaction and I look forward to helping you do the same.

I can assist you with Anxiety and anxiety related conditions, Sleep issues, Trauma, Phobias (including needles), Relationship issues, Workplace Bullying and Bullying recovery, Habit changes, including: Weight Loss, Alcohol Management, Quitting Cigarettes, Pain Management, Confidence, Motivation, Work/Life Balance, a Total Life Reboot and Mindfulness Coaching.

I am here to listen to your concerns and help you navigate a positive and lasting solution. When you get in contact with me, I offer you a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation, so together we can take the time to determine which of my wellbeing services are best suited to your needs.

Online Consultations
If you are looking for psychology support services but are unable to attend a face-to-face session, you can organise an online session when you get in touch with me.

You can access psychology and psychosocial recovery with me under the NDIS. To find out more, you are welcome to call or book a free 15-minute  telephone consultation to talk to me about how the NDIS can fully fund your sessions.

Home Visits
I also offer home visits to NDIS participants in regional Tasmania.

Other Resources
You can access affordable or free downloadable wellbeing resources HERE

Wellbeing Programs

Online Counselling

Create positive change without leaving your home or office
Easily accessible and convenient via Zoom & other digital platforms
Evening appointments available


e-therapy | e-counselling | Digital Counselling

Counselling sessions and programs 
Audio support programs

Counselling & Wellbeing Programs

Set the course for life-changing development
Train your mind to overcome any issue or obstacle
Evidence-Based | Solution-Focused | Strengths-Based

Counselling | Psychotherapy | CBT | EMDR | ACT | MBSR | EFT | Hypnotherapy

Wellbeing sessions and programs
Wellbeing audios 


Improve your mental strength and increase your focus
Overcome the stresses of everyday life and come out stronger than before
Develop resilience


Calm | Restore | Power

Mindfulness sessions and programs
Mindfulness audios

The Mindset Lounge

Restore your Mindset
Perform with laser-focused determination
Evidence-based methods
Enjoy an unlimited supply of energy and motivation

Mindset Coaching | Work Life Balance | Better Decision Making

Mindset coaching
Mindset audios

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